Australia - Rosa Gully - L : 12m - Vaulcuse - If Pigs Could Line - L : 30m - H : 25m

Text and pictures : Luke Sarantos. May thanks to him.
Updates on the lines available : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DUY4XULolttRgPqUkUi_z7cH5oTf6QtkWctdvA4bw4A/edit

Access: Park your car at Diamond Bay Reserve at Craig Ave, Vaucluse. The lines are across the gully at the northern end of the park. 'If pigs could line' is located at the widest part of the gully, basically over the water.
The northern side can be a bit difficult to access, take care climbing down to the ledge.

If Pigs Could Line- 30m Long, 25m High.
Nice exposed line, even better when there is a big swell crashing on the rocks below.

Who/When: Luke Sarantos and Shane Yates, FA Luke Sarantos. August 2012.

Anchors: All Ring bolts. 3 bolts for tension and 2 for backup on the southern side. 2
bolts for tension (don’t use the 'bad' bolt), 2 bolts for back up on the northern side.

Linking: Throw a line across or walk down to the base of the gully.

Remarks: Rap off small boulder near the point to get to the anchor on the northern side.

Rosa Gully

Unknown- 12m Long, 25m High.
Nice short line, easy to setup and not very exposed.

Who: Lucky Chance?

Anchors: 3 Ring bolts for tension and 2 carrots (take bolt plates) for backup on the south side, 2 RB for tension and
boulder for back up on the north side.

Linking: Throw a line across or walk down the gully.

Remarks: To get to the anchors on the northern side you will need to do small down climb, then rappel off the boulder, take a 2m sling for the boulder and rope protection for the backup.
This line is very sheltered from winds coming from the north, south or west, it is a great spot for a windy day.


  1. Great picture .You have some guts to do this .Sarantos

  2. yep, that was me who bolted that short line in the back of rosa gully years ago, did it as a training line to get into highlining and it was pefect for that. did it again yesterday as re-training to get 'back' into highlining and it was perfect yet again!!

  3. So happy that you highline again Lucky !