Australia - Corroboree Wall, Mt Victoria - Dive Bomb - L : 25m - H : 70m

Pictures and text : Luke Sarantos. Many thanks to him !

Corroboree Wall, Mt Victoria.

Corroboree Wall Access: Park your car at the campsite/carpark at the end of Kanimbla Valley Rd, Mt Victoria. All of the highlines are located on the South facing cliff line.

Dive Bomb- 25m Long, 70m High.

Access: Follow the foot track south down toward the cliff edge, this line is located on the buttress second buttress from the west.

Who/When: Luke Sarantos, Jacob Druce and Shane Yates. July 2012

Anchors: On the western side there is ring bolts and hangers for tension and back up. On the eastern side you will see a massive bomber Gum tree for the tension and some smaller trees for back ups further back. Take a 4m sling to wrap around the Gum tree.

Linking: Take a slingshot/throw line, it is a long walk to the bottom and back up again.

Remarks: Be aware that this buttress commonly is used by commercial abseiling and adventure companies, please respect their business and try not to get in their way too much.

Send & Spew- 40m long, 70m High.

Access: The tensioning side for this line is two Buttresses to the East of Dive Bomb.

Who/When: Luke Sarantos and Neil Magil, September 2012

Anchors: We found it much easier to tension from the eastern side. There is 2 ringbolts and a carrot (take bolt plates) for the line tension, you will find a bunch of boulders and trees to choose from for the back up. On the western side, you will find a bushy tree about 30cm in diameter close to the cliff edge, we used this for the line tension. There is a massive gum tree about 4m behind the anchor tree that we used for the back up.

Linking: Take a Slingshot or bow and arrow, it is not possible to walk the line around.

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