Australia - Belmore Falls - L : 35-40m - H : 80m

Pictures and text : Luke Sarantos. May thanks to him !

Access: Refer to Google Earth for location. Drive along Belmore Falls Rd until you come to a creek crossing, Park your car here and walk down the creek to the to the top of the waterfall. From the edge of the waterfall you should be able to see to two ring bolts in the wall about 1.5m below the look out.

Who/When: Luke Sarantos, Ryan Sleiman April 2013

Anchors: On the Southern side (the lookout side) there is 2 glue-in ring bolts in the wall 1.5m below the look out, use the 2 ring bolts on top and the hand rail as your back-up. From the lookout you should be able to see 3 ring bolts in the wall opposite. To access the northern side, walk back up along the road until you see an obvious clearing with a massive tree (5m around), this tree will be your back-up anchor and your rappel anchor for setting up the line. There will be a cleared path that leads toward the edge, the anchors are about 1m right of this clearing, and about 3m down the wall. Take lots of slings and extra static ropes for this line. You will need an ascender and foot loop to climb back up from the line!!

Linking: Take a slingshot, throw line or bow and arrow, it can be difficult to get the line from one side to the other. It’s probably easier to get a line from the lookout to the water fall, and one from the north side to the waterfall, and then have someone tie them together in the middle.

Remarks: This is a difficult line to setup but it is definitely worth the effort. Take extra static ropes and slings.
Make sure that you have ascenders and that you know how to use them!

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