Australia - North Head - Small Steel Nut - L : 20m - H : 60m

Pictures and text : Luke Sarantos. Many thanks to him.
Location: 33°48'44.35"S 151°18'10.73"E

Access: Refer to Google Earth. Drive along Bluefish Drive until the road comes to an obvious fork, veer to the right and park in the car park on the on Gunners Rd. Continue on foot along the road, you should see a fire trail on the corner. Continue along the fire trail until you reach an old sandstone brick wall, follow the wall, on the left side, all the way to the ocean, the gully is on the left at the end of the wall.

Who/When: Luke Sarantos and Shane Yates, September 2012.

Anchors: 3 Ring bolts for tension on each side, 2 glue-in hangers on each side for back ups.

Linking: Make sure you take something to throw a line across, it is not easy to access the bottom of the gully and not possible to walk the line around. We use a slingshot and fishing line.

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