Australia - North Rocks - The Dam - L : 35m - H : 7-35m

Pictures and text : Luke Sarantos. Many thanks to him.

Access: Park in the cul de sac at the end of Loyalty Rd, North Rocks. Follow the fire trail down to the flood water retarding wall.

Who/When: Luke Sarantos and Wayde S, July 2012.

Anchors: Take 2x50m static ropes, one for each anchor. Use the rope to equalize 4 handrail poles on each side. Make sure you attach to the base of the poles, and make sure the angles you create are less than 90°. Take lots of rope protection.

Linking: Abseil down to middle ledge and walk the line across.

Remarks: There is only 7m of clearance directly below the line, make sure that your main line is in good condition and make sure the back up is tight. And try not to take leash falls.

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