France - Gorges du chassezac (Mazet) - The Monkey lines - L : 15m to 71m

Those highlines are only authorized during the Ardeche Slackline Meeting. Please do not rig it so far.
Please contact Mathieu Perthus for further information.

See Highline Database on a bigger map

General Access :
In Casteljau, park next to the Mazet bridge (right side of the river) and take the footpath in the forest that lead to the cliff of Chassezac.

The lines :
Where ?
5 new lines from 20m to 58m added to the 15m.
For the 71m, use one side of the 58m. The other side is a bit further than the 58m (logically) but is on very poor rock. Opened by Lukas Irmler in march 2013, it was set on low tension (400kg) and with multiple backups. He does not recommend this highline if you have not enough experience in riding such length at such tension.

Who - When ?
Opening : Les mous de la sangle, the 07 and 38 connection, and many more in January 2012
71m : Lukas Irmler and Aix en provence connection in March 2013.

Anchors :
- 2 to 3 bolts on each side. Bring the bolt hangers.

Linking :
Easy, throw it or turn around the gap.

Remarks :
A very cool place to gather with a lot of different length.

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