New Zealand - Chocolate Bars in the Nightstands - L : 33m - H : 15m

Pictures: Simon Egger. Text: James Clulox. Many thanks to them.

General Access : (Google Map)
The line is found in the Constant Bay climbing area near the small West Coast town of Charleston, New Zealand.

The line :
Where ?
Drive to Charleston on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, make sure you don't blink because you might miss the town. Turn down Princes Street to Constant Bay. Park your car and walk on the track to your left. You will come to a fence with a sign saying experienced rock climbers only beyond this point. Proceed... Eventually you will start to head up a hill on the trail when you get to the top the track goes off left or continues straight ahead. Go straight ahead to get to the first climbing spot and the line. The line is obvious.

Who - When ?

Florian Herla (FA) and James Clulow. January 3rd, 2012.

Anchors :
Anchors on each side are big chunks of rock on the cliff that you can sling.

Linking :
Easy, throw the line down and pick it up from the other side.

Rigging :

Pulley system on the right side.

A stunning line right by the ocean. Sunsets and sunrises there are amazing. A great line for photos because you can basically run around all sides of the line, even underneath.

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