New Zealand - Ginger Seduction - L : 23m - H : 15m

Pictures: Florian Herla. Text: James Clulow. Many thanks to them.

General Access: (Google Map)
The line is found at Castle Hill in Arthur's Pass, New Zealand. To get to the spot climb up to the top of the hill in the Quantum Field area and head to your right. You will eventually find the large limestone formation with a boulder perched on top. (See photos)

The line:
You can access both sides easily by scrambling on the rocks in the area. You will find the old carrot bolts on each side easily.

Who - When?

Florian Herla (FA) and James Clulow. January 1st, 2012.

Anchors are two old 12mm carrot bolts on each side. You will see the chains for each. Attach the backup to the bolts for force as well. Bring some cams to place in the crack underneath the boulder for the backup on that side. On the other side, there is a bolt from a climb behind that can easily be reached by abseiling. Having a lot of padding is a plus when using this backup.

Easy, throw the line down and drop a rope from the other side to link.


Pulley system on the side without the boulder. Primitive would work fine as well.

Really nice little line. It isn't super high, but is over a steep gully. Photos from down below are fantastic. Make sure you have cams for the backup. We had to use knotted slings...

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