France - Le Rozier - Black and White - L : 115m - H : 100m

General Access : (Google Map)
Drive to Le Rozier, then go to the Gorges de la Jonte (1km), park on the first good parking on the right of the road. From there take the footpath on the left side of the road. You will pass left to a climbing sector called "Cathedrale" and go up to a small gorge (fixed ropes), then arrive on the top of the cliff. 45mn.

The line :
The highline is between the base of the Vase de Chine and a bit behind the base of the Vase de Sèvres.

Who - When?
J. Millot, J. Miszewski, A. Schulz, T. Melet, L. Irmler, J. Tybon, F. Dickey, V. Welsch & al in june 2011

Anchors : (Bring 12 12mm bolt hangers at least)
Vase de chine side : 5 12mm bolts and more climbing belays on the Vase de Chine base. Bring the bolt hangers.
Vase de Sèvres side : 6 12mm bolts on the platform. Bring the bolt hangers.

Linking :
Throw a rope from the Vase de Chine side. Belay down from the Vase de Sèvres side, then link.

Rigging :
Double pulleys with Linegrip on the Vase de Chine side. Then quadruple pulleys on the vase de Sèvres to finish rigging.

Remarks :
Simply the world record during the 2011 Natural Games. Alex Schulz onsighted it full man when the tension was around 1.1T. Amazing ! Jerry did it half man ! Congratulation to them !!

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