South Africa - Rocklands - L : 10m - Cape Town - L : 20m

2 Highlines Topo in South Africa by Caio Salomão AFeto. Many Thanks to him.
His blog here.

HighLine at RockLands - L : 10m
In one of the best place to do bouldering in the world, Caio Amador, Cameron Price and Darryn Cuff opened on the 2nd day of 2012 a highline at fields of Joy with 10m length and 20m high to celebrate the new year.
Photo by Cameron Price.

HighLine at Higgovale Quarry - L : 20m
In february of 2012, Caio Amador and Craig Burden opened a new highline inside the city of Cape Town at the Higgovale Quarry with 20m length and 20m high between 2 trees.
Photo by Geoff.

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