Brazil - 5 Highlines by Caio - L : 10m - 15m - 25m - 30m - 40m

5 Highlines Topo in Brazil by Caio Salomão AFeto. Many Thanks to him.
His blog here.

1) HighLine of Gruta do Salitre - L : 10m
Near the City of Diamantina-MG where there is one of the best carnival of the Brazil. I opened at carnival of 2010 my first HighLine with 10m length and 20m high and to set up that line I had to climb both side and to put the anchor on pieces of rock.
 Photo by Felipe Soares

2) HighLine of Mestre Álvaro - L : 25m
That highline is located in the City of Serra-ES, was opened in May of 2010 by Caio Amador, Roney Celin and Paula Ebert with 25m length and 30m high. There are 4 bolts on each side and have to climb to get on the top of one side.
*GPS coords.
Photo by Fabio Fabre

3)HighLine at Cachoeira de Matilde - L : 40m
One of the longest highline in Brazil opened mainly by Caio Amador and Roney Celin in July of 2010 with 40m length and 70m high, between two trees and above an amazing waterfall, situated at the Village of Matilde-ES. To set up that line, Roney invented a new sistem to anchor the webbing on the pulleys using the eight to abseil, the sistem is called “9vis fora”. Since that I use only that sistem to set up highline, so simply, strong and efficient.

4)HighLine of Pontilhão - L : 15m
Near the City of Domingos Martins-ES, that highline was opened by Caio Amador, Roney Celin and Fabio Fabre in may of 2011 with 15m length and 15m high. One side is anchored on the rock and the other on the bridge.

5)HighLine of Krenak - L : 30m
There are so much towers of quartizite in that place near the City of Resplendor-MG, perfect to do climbing and highlinig. So, in October of 2011 Caio Amador and Lucas Mello opened a highline with 30m length and 25m high between two towers and anchoring the webbing on pieces of rock.
*GPS coords.
Photo by Sandro Souza

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