Switzerland - Vevey - The Slacktory - L : 13m - H : 13m

Pictures and text : James Clulow. Many thanks to him.

General Access : (Google Map)
Easy to find, especially if you are arriving in Vevey by train. It is the old factory which has scaffolding all around it across from the station. Ateliers de Constructions Mecaniques.

The line :
Where ?
Best done on a Sunday as it is a condemned building. Access is prohibited. Sneak in via the scaffolding on the right side of the building. You will find a ladder going to the top near there. Drop your bags underneath the platform and then run up the ladder with a rope. Lower the rope to haul up bags and let the rigging commence.

Who - When ?

James Clulow, Jérémy Folly, Michael Santus and Bruno Kikou in February 2011.

Anchors :

Obvious, use the giant steel beams. One thing to note is that you need two shackles on your slings to orient the slack in the right plane.

Linking :

Easy. Take the lines with you as you move across the platform at the top to the second anchor.

Rigging :

We used a pulley system, but the line is short enough that you could use something else.

There is the possibility to rig two lines in here at the same time. Again, it is a matter of being careful not to get caught. Once you are inside and up top, it is unlikely that anyone will see you. The light in the building is pretty crap so if you want good photos, bring a nice flash.

------------ Version Suisse -------------
Accès Général : (Google Map)
Tellement facile à trouver si tu arrives à Vevey par train. C'est la vieille usine avec le chantier de l'autre cotê de la gare. Ateliers de Constructions Mecaniques.

La Ligne:
Meilleur à faire le Dimanche parce que l'accès est interdit. Entrez à droite et il y a une échelle. Laissez vos sacs ci-dessous et élevez-vous vers le haut avec une corde. Utilisez la corde pour transporter vos sacs.

Qui - Quand?
James Clulow, Jérémy Folly, Michael Santus and Bruno Kikou en Février 2011.

Ancrages :
Des grandes barres de fer.

Passage de la ligne : 

Facile, quand vous mettez l'ancrage de l'autre côté.


Possible de mettre deux slacks.

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