Norway - Romsdalen - Mythical Rush - L : 55m - H : 600m

Pictures : Branislav Beliancin. Many thanks to him.

General Access : (Google Map)
Drive to Andalsnes then go to the Troll Wall with the Trollstigvegen road to arrive to the tourist center. Then walk for approximately 2h following the path and the tourists. Once on the cliff, continue on the left for 30min to arrive to the Troll Wall gap (sign).

The line :
Where ?
The highline is close to the 30m with a typical tower. It's between 2 platforms 50m before the Troll Wall gap (where you have the sign).

Who - When ?
Opening : S. Sobota, B.Witz, A. Lauterbach, R. Bernard, H. Langel, J. Millot, T. Melet in august 2011

Anchors : (bring at least 2 10mm and 2 12mm bolt hangers)
- Each side : 1 12mm wedge bolts for force and 1 10mm for backup. Bring some cams to complete the setup.

Linking :
Turn around the gap.

Rigging :
Pulleys on the platform side

Remarks :
The most exposed 55m of the world so far.

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