France - Marseille - Calanques d'En Vau - L : 20m - 35m

Highline and waterline Forbidden so far in the national Park ! Highline described for memories.

WARNING : The Calanques is a protected area. Added to this, the rock can be very loose despite it's good looking. 
Recent repeats of the 35m say the big rock of the anchor is not safe anymore. Plan a bigger anchor or don't rig this line. 

Access Here : (Google Map)

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The 20m line :
This is a fully trad highline :
- Hole : Access from the top with 10m abseil. Get 4m of spansets, Equalize 2 camalots N°2 and 3. Backup on a tree. Get the main spanset through a small hole (protection needed) that makes a A-Frame.
- Needle : Circle the rocks with at least 6 to 8m of spansets. 


The 35m line :
Pictures : Ancee Kucharova. Many thanks to her.

This is a semi-trad highline
Anchors :
- One obvious tree on one side.
- Circle the rocks with 6m of spansets or use 2 12mm bolts (bring hangers and screws) on the other side
This rock seems to move. Plan an other way of rigging if you want to do this highline.

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