Norway - Lysebotn - Baseline - L : 23m - H : 400m

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Pictures: Seb Montaz

General Access : (Google Map)
Drive to Lysebotn, by ferry or by road depending of the period of the year. Then take the road going south (with a long 1km tunnel) until you go uphill and reach the tourist center.
From there take the Kjerag footpath on big granit plates, and walk for about an hour, until you reach the famous basejumper start Exit 5.

The line :
Where ?
The highline is from the overhanging part of the cliff in a dihedral on the exit 5.

Who - When ?
Opening : J.Millot, T. Melet, S. Montaz in august 2011

Anchors : (bring at least 6 12mm bolt hangers)
- Both sides : 3 12mm wedge bolts for force and backup.

Linking :
Turn around the gap.

Rigging :
Primitiv system perfect.

Remarks : 
Used for the Baselining. One side is perfect for falling, the other one is deadly.


  1. Hello Julien,

    Penses tu que les plaquettes + chevilles sont toujours en bon état? Nous partons fin octobre à l'assaut de ce magnifique spot, et n'avons pas forcement envi de prendre notre perfo!



  2. Elles seront encore en bon état, sans aucun doute !
    Tu nous enverras des photos !

  3. hey bru!

    ulti potent line ! so beautiful and lofty :) one of the bolts on the lower side is super rusty, we went there in july 2015 . i can send you pictures if youd like? but maybe it needs replacing for the next chaps that go ...or maybe its ok im not sure haha