Norway - Lysebotn - Ragnarök - L : 20m - H : 400m

General Access : (Google Map)
Drive to Lysebotn, by ferry or by road depending of the period of the year. Then take the road going south (with a long 1km tunnel) until you go uphill and reach the tourist center.
From there take the Kjerag footpath on big granit plates, and walk for about an hour, until you reach the famous basejumper start (big cairn).

The line :
Where ?
The highline is from the overhanging part of the cliff where basejumpers start (right side on the picture), and the main cliff.

Who - When ?
Opening : M. Aschaber, G. Haas, D. Mercier in april 2009

Anchors : (bring at least 8 12mm bolt hangers)
- Basejump side : 5 12mm wedge bolts for force and backup.
- Main cliff side : 3 12mm wedge bolts for force, and stoneholes + big stones far away for backup.

Linking :
Turn around the gap.

Rigging :
Primitiv system perfect.

Remarks : 
Really high highline, as you are on a more than 1000m straight cliff in direct exposure. This part of land is subjected to strong winds, and scottish weather also...
More pictures here.
Video here.

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