Highline topo skeleton

In the title :
Country - Place - Name of the line - Length - Height

In the post :

First of all, a picture if you have it.

General Access : (Google Map link)
Description of car, foot, climbing access

The line :
Where ?
Precise location of the line.

Who - When ?
Opening and date.

Anchors :
- Details for the first anchors (force and backup).
- Details for the second anchors. It could be pictures also.

Linking :
How have you done to make the line going from one side to another. Sometimes this question is stupid, sometimes it could be a real time consuming problem !

Rigging :
What system have you used ? pulleys, only webbing, mechanical stuff...

Remarks : 
What you want to say that is not directly linked to the highline technique : pictures, story, etc.

----------------- Then your native language translation ----------

Same thing in german, french, portugues, spanish, chinese if you want to.

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